On Ingenuity, or Things Only the French Could Possibly Understand

I was in the market for a new backpack, and I somehow stumbled across this example of (insert adjective) ingenuity:

The Wear Your Seat, the latest in back accessories

Evidently, it was designed by a French person and it is called the “Wear Your Seat”.  It is made out of a semi-rigid foam cushion that, if behaving as intentioned, molds to your back.  I spent some time ruminating on this curious seat/back accessory.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • If you want to have a seat on your back at all times, then you are probably the type of person that enjoys sitting down and not moving around a whole lot.  If this is the case, then having your seat attached to you wouldn’t actually matter, considering you’re not going to be getting up in the first place.  To many, I think this logic will seem obvious.  But I suppose that if you’re so lazy to actually want a seat affixed to your back, you might also be too lazy to think all of this through.
  • There are some people that are well aware of their laziness but would like to change their ways.  They keep telling themselves that they’re going to get their asses off of the couch.  They’ve set goals and resolutions.  The “Wear Your Seat” provides them with the security of knowing that they’ll never be stranded standing.
  • It seems that it would be harder to walk with this seat on your back, which would force you to sit down, which ends up being ok because you have a seat attached to you.  There might be some sort of creepy political analogy involved here.
  • Perhaps this designer was targeting the vast market of people that wish they were snails or turtles.
  • Perhaps this designer was actually 8 years old.
  • Perhaps this designer thought that they could sell this thing to Google, because s/he read that they let their employees take naps there.  Google declined, though, because they actually have EnergyPods built with NASA technology, which happen to be way cooler.
  • Perhaps only the French could comprehend something so romantic as the “Wear Your Seat”.


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16 responses to “On Ingenuity, or Things Only the French Could Possibly Understand

  1. This may work well for your readers like me, who fall of the chair often reading your posts.

  2. How could you sit on that seat? You even look like a daddy babysitting his baby. But, cool. Needs improvements if it would really work on the market. Nice post!

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  4. i don’t understand why you would actually *need* this. Are people seriously lacking in places to sit? Are they so lazy that they can’t be bothered walking to the closest seat.

    Although if you were standing in line for a really long time it could be handy but how often would you do that to justify wearing a seat on your back?

  5. Hey Buddy,
    Another award for you!
    I know it must not be a big deal, since you seem to be getting one, every other week, but still I have listed you for “The Liebster Blog award”!
    (So, now when can I come for a beer?)

    • Thank you!!! I will have to read about it – I was unaware. Now I can put another thing to take up room on my resume that I can BS with my interviewers.

      You’re beer is here and waiting … Brooklyn, NY!

  6. morrisbuttermaker

    For a little bit of symmetry, you could couple this with a Beer Belly buddy (http://www.thebeerbelly.com/Beerbelly_p/200-001.htm). You would look like a walking lollipop, but you could rest when you wanted and you wouldn’t be thirsty (the “walking” part might be an inappropriate adjective – sorry). Vive le laziness!

  7. Why does this make me think of a full diaper? Damn, back to therapy.

  8. Does this really exist? You really are hilarious!

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